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Where do those products come from, and how to make an order?

We are a US-based wholesale company. Orders can take from a week to 2 months depending on type, quantity, and varierity of products. To make an inquire, please fill out the contact form below. Our staff will schedule a time to discuss with you about the types, quantities you want and give you a quote. Minium order is US$5,000

How can I be assured about product quality?

Our facilities produce the top quality botanical extract, herbal granules, and pure botanical oil. Product samples and their Certificate of Analysis (CoA) produced by US FDA certified Labs arrive shortly after orders are placed.

What is the payment schedule?

Each order is a contract agreement: 1/3 is due at time of contrat sign. 1/3 is due when products are produced. 1/3 is due when products arrive US costoms for receiving We refund purchases for any quality issues varified by 3rd party US FDA certified labs.

How to make an order?

Fill out the contact form below. Our sales representatives will reach out to you.

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